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HVAC Repair Services In Gibson County, Tennessee

When it comes to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and welding, you need a professional, and we’re exactly that. Bridger’s HVAC & Welding does everything in our name and more. Simply choosing the right unit for your home or office is a big undertaking. We can help you select the right size unit for peak efficiency and the best level of heat or air conditioning for your space. Many people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and stay comfortable these days, and Bridger’s HVAC & Welding are just the experts to help choose the greenest solution for your needs. We stay updated on the newest, most efficient units and how best to install and maintain them.

HVAC Installation in Gibson County, TN

Bridger’s HVAC & Welding does complete installations of heating and air conditioning units and other electrical installations such as lighting, ceiling fans, new fixtures and more. We will grow with you. When you expand your home, we can expand your system. Just because our name says we do HVAC & welding doesn’t mean we don’t do more - we most definitely do!

HVAC Cleaning in Gibson County, TN

Making sure your heating and air conditioning unit is clean is part of good maintenance. The old do-it-yourself method of hosing off your coils doesn’t cut it. You need a professional and Bridger’s HVAC & Welding will clean your coils properly with the right equipment and products and get your unit up and running at its peak again. We’ll also set you up on a schedule with us for essential cleaning during the year to keep your unit running like new.

HVAC Maintenance in Gibson County, TN

The secret to longevity with a heating and air conditioning unit is proper maintenance. Bridger’s HVAC & Welding makes sure that your system is free of leaks, topped off with the proper coolant, and is operating properly without waste. If you need a duct repaired, re-routed, or replaced or if you need coolant replaced or a register or return maintained or upgraded, that is what Bridger’s HVAC & Welding is here for and more. Whatever your HVAC or welding needs, Bridger’s HVAC & Welding can meet and exceed them.

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